Need some clarifications on Repeater node

  • Hello gurus,

    I created a repeater node for my weather station, as it's clearly too far.
    When I start it, I don't see any message from some other nodes... My repeater starts correctly and it communicates correctly with the Serial GW.
    So my question is : why I don't see any exchange, I mean no "read" , no "send" as I have a lot of sensor from now. Does it mean that once the route is calculated (and not passing through Repeater), the repeater doesn't repeat those messages ?????
    please advice... I'm stuck !
    I didn't see any working manual for repeater, just how to code it.

  • Hardware Contributor

    When a route is calculated for a node and that works - I dont think it will change.
    I read somewhere that it needs like 6 fails to recalculate.

    Im a control freak and set the parent manually on the nodes i want to go through the repeater (fourth argument in gw.begin)... but that should not be nessecary,

    If the nodes keep failing i guess over time it will find its way throught the repetater.

  • Hello Thanks for your help. I understand now why I didn't see anything.
    I have another question, I need to send the message from my Weatherstation to the GW, however the ceiling is pretty thick and nothing is passing though ... Even with repetear , I can't cross the ceiling.
    I have an Ethernet cable there, do you think that we can carry something over it ? or is there some solution for this kind of case. I guess that some people got this issue also ...

  • Mod

    Maybe you could buy a Raspberry Pi and use it as ethernet gateway over the ethernet cable?

  • Hardware Contributor

    Which radio do you use ? I have my gw in the cellar with a thick concrete floor and that works fine even from outside. Do you have the 4.7 cap if you use the nrf radio ?

  • @sundberg84 said:

    Yes I use's not a wall, but a ceiling with a steel mesh inside... I have the capacitor, and I'm use to work with NRF, I tried many of them china, or other items... I don't have any issue in the flat...
    In fact I have a window , but the gateway is undo a stair made 100% of steel... and a lot of message doesn't reach the destination !.

  • Hardware Contributor

    If you can work with a second gateway in your controller, then why not use an ethernet gateway (NRF24+Pro Mini+ethernetport module) ?
    In Domoticz you can have several gateways, not sure which controller you use, but that could be a low cost solution.

  • Two GW's would fix a similar problem I am having. Are there details anywhere talking about how to implement duel GW's??

  • Hardware Contributor

    If you use Domoticz you just need to add another hardware with that IP adress assigned to the etnerhet gw.

  • Yes I am using Domoticz. Will give it a try this weekend.

  • Hardware Contributor

    Might be that you need to set parent so data its not picked up by both GWs. I dont know how Domoticz handles this, but normaly if a value comes in which is the same as the one before i dont think it will register...

  • Plugin Developer

    As far as I know, you can't have two gateways on the same network. You will have to change channel for one gateway and connected network nodes, in config. The controller will be the bridge between networks.

  • Hardware Contributor

    Indeed, I would use two different channels. The question remains which controller is used. I have two networks on my test-Domoticz setup which use different channels from my production setup. So I have nodes on 3 different channels. Domoticz handles this fine. I did not yet test the move of a node with known ID from one channel to another. When time permits I should check this ...

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