Send a confirmation text when a node operates

  • Hi,
    Could any one tell me if its possible / how to use a mysensors node to send a text when a certain condition has happened.
    I am in the testing stage of my automated patio door opening system. I intend to use this to let my dog out into the garden whilst I am at work. I have ordered a Foscam PTZ camera and its my intention to use the camera to check that its safe to let the dog in and out etc.
    I am using veralite as the controller, I have set vera to send an email alert each time the door is opened / closed just in case its opened by an intruder etc. The system is working well but I am finding that vera does not always send an email. So I was wondering if any one can tell me how to attach a GSM module etc to send a confirmation text or some other way of forcing vera to communicate with me.

    When its working I will post a video and pictures of how I did it just in case someone else would like to improve it.



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    Does Vera have push notifications? I use domoticz and notifymyandroid is working well for me.

  • I don't know if Vera has push notifications but its a good idea. I will try looking on google.

  • Admin

    Yes it has, via VeraAlert plugin.

  • I have been testing by clicking on each of the switches etc on my vera lite and it only seems to be the mysensor switches that do not always send an email alert.
    It seems that if I am at this pc that is on the local network when I click on a mysensors switch I get the email alerts. Also when I use my phones web browser on our wifi I receive email alerts but not when I am not here. The other thing I have noticed is that if I untick the send alert box then retick it and save it, I get email alerts again for a while.

    Has anyone come across this issue.

  • VeraAlert plugin in combination with pushbullet works fine for me.
    I added a mysensors "motion sensor" as a trigger to my ultimaker. Now Iget a message to the phone when the print is finished.
    Greets paede