Configurable ack timeout?

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    Positing this here by request from @GizMoCuz
    I am trying to use a secured node (that require signed messages) and it seem the ack timeout is too short for the signing handshaking to finish in time.
    Is there a way of increasing/specifying the acceptable timeout for an ACK to arrive?
    It would also be great if that timeout was then configurable together with the per-node ack setting.

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    @GizMoCuz any update on this? Will you allow the timeout to be configured, alt. setting it to a significantly longer timeout?
    Currently, it is not possible to use domoticz as a controller for nodes that send ACK and have signing security enabled due to the short timeout.

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    @Anticimex As this is an issue with getting secure messages through the MySensors network to a secure controller i hope its in the pipeline for revision. I would love to see this resolved as i believe secure messages through MySensors would open up a huge potential for the MySensor project to grow rapidly.