Dallas 1W-Sketch- something must be wrong ?

  • I tried to build another few sensors the last days, with Dallas DS18B20 and battery .
    My old Sketches don´t work anymore because of the V1.5, they always complain about GW_beginn....
    So i tried the new one from here, it never finds a 1W Device. i had this before, when making some test Setups.

    A DHT-22 is working fine, also if i use the original Arduino-Samples for DS18B20, they work as exected

    Is there maybe a fault in the sample script ? Does anybody have a working (under1.5) script for 1Wire+Battery ?

  • I have a coupe of 1wire/DS18B20 working under 1.5.1 - can you post your sketch and confirm which pins things are connected to (and if you have the appropriate resistor in place for the DS18B20 ?

    My sketch was pretty much a cut and past from the sample code - so I think that works fine.

  • I tried it with the Dallas 1Wire example from this page here.
    A friend reported the same, didn´t get it to work.

    It´s not the wiring, as it works with other scripts
    I converted my old scripts now to 1.5, it´s working

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