ESP8266 and RFM69W loop reboot.

  • I start using ESP8266-12E nodemcu with RFM69W on this board :
    But the gateway always reboot (fresh install from git master 1.5).
    Log :

    ESP8266 MySensors Gateway
    Connecting to PandoraBox_1BB657
    Soft WDT reset
    ctx: cont 
    sp: 3ffefe70 end: 3fff0130 offset: 01b0
    3fff0020:  009c1001 7a6f6b31 3fff004c 402072c9  
    3fff0030:  000000aa 3ffeeed8 3ffeef40 40203d48  
    3fff0040:  0000002f 3ffeeed8 3ffeef40 00000064  
    3fff0050:  00000000 00000000 3ffeeed8 4020461b  
    3fff0060:  00020401 40040203 33060305 0008d907  
    3fff0070:  42190009 dc294025 2d2f882e 90376430  
    3fff0080:  8f3c4238 306f123d 000000ff 402019ff  
    3fff0090:  0000001c 00000000 3ffef0d4 00000001  
    3fff00a0:  00000000 00000000 3ffeee40 40202e2c  
    3fff00b0:  3ffe8517 00000000 3ffeee40 40203774  
    3fff00c0:  0000007f 3ffef100 40205a84 3ffef110  
    3fff00d0:  402020b8 00000001 00000000 40205af8  
    3fff00e0:  a502a8c0 00ffffff 0102a8c0 3ffef100  
    3fff00f0:  3ffe8517 3ffeefb0 3ffef0d4 40202507  
    3fff0100:  3ffe88a0 a502a8c0 00000000 00000000  
    3fff0110:  3fffdc20 00000000 3ffef0f9 40205ac2  
    3fff0120:  00000000 00000000 3ffef110 40100114  
     ets Jan  8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(3,0)
    load 0x4010f000, len 1264, room 16 
    tail 0
    chksum 0x42
    csum 0x42

  • After searching and searching in the forum, I find solution for reboot. On the board, GPIO15 must be LOW and GPIO2 must be HIGH to boot properly and the hardware is confiured differently.
    So now I have this declaration

    MyTransportRFM69 transport (RFM69_FREQUENCY, RFM69_NETWORKID, 2, 15, true, 0);

    But now same bug as here :
    nothing on the gateway side ...

  • Fabien

    I'm the designer of this board, which RFM69 library you tried and which board version are you using ? Because I'm using RadioHead but I needed to tweak it to be able to work on ESP8266.

  • Charles, I'm using your board in version 1.1 (the white one you send !!!). I have one idea with RFM69 lib from lowpower labs. I will test soon and i hope it will work. I will post my result in few days.

  • Admin

    I urge you to use the dev-branch when testing ESP gateway/RFM69. If you investigate time to fix things, this is the place to be.

  • @hek Ok, I will switch to 1.6