[Solved] How to check RFM69 is a HW model ?

  • Hello,

    I tried to enable the HW mode on the gateway.
    I found in MyTransportRFM69.h how to do it.

    First try, I got some issue on the communication on the gateway. I first installed 4,7uF capacitor on the RFM69 and then installed 1000uF capacitor on the power supply without success.

    I then change the RFM69 and installed another one and it works !
    Both are marked as HW ! So how check if it's the reality ?
    Thanks !

  • Autoreply !

    So I check the web and found interesting conversation from Lowpowerlab.

    It seems there is no software way to check the model (there is a version registry but as I don't have RFM69H to check if there is a difference it's difficult to conclude).
    But according to the Lowpowerlab thread both models looks really different!



    There is no doubt ;)

  • I continue my conversation with .... myself ;)

    I finally conclude that I have a problem with one RFM69HW. I check three of them without problem and the range seems good.

    Note: If you set isRFM69HWto false you will have communication issue with a HW model. See the post on Lowpowerlab (tested myself).


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