Uno as a Serial Gateway for Vera?

  • Hello All -

    Just getting started with Arduino (been around Vera for a while). I'm able to get my Nanos working as a gateway. (Excellent documentation!)

    However, I do have a few Unos kicking around that I'd like to use as a gateway (serial). Is this possible with Vera? I see that dmesg shows the following when the Uno is connected:

    usb 1-2.2: new full speed USB device using rt3883-ehci and address 10
    cdc_acm 1-2.2:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device

    Is there a way to expose this as a serial port? I understand that if I use an ethernet gateway, it'd likely work. However, lacking an ethernet shield at the moment, I'd like to stick to serial if possible.

    By the way, I did test the Uno<->Radio integration with an example sketch and it seems solid in my case. (I did read about the 3.3v power issue with some Unos)

    Any ideas for the Arduino newb would be helpful.


  • I may have solved this myself.

    Can someone check me on this?

    In "Edit Startup Lua", I entered the following:
    os.execute("ser2net -C 5000:raw:0:/dev/ttyACM0:115200")

    I then went to the MySensors Plugin in the Advanced tab and entered the following in the "IP" line:

    I don't currently have any sensors to attach to. However, when I click on the "start" button for inclusion, I can see the inclusion LED illuminate.

    Does this seem like a viable solution?

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    The arduino gateway receives radio signal and send it to the controller. For this a Mini is clearly enough.

    Now if you want to make some other logic on the arduino, remember that it may use clock time dedidated to message reception from the MySensors.

  • I think you are implying that the Uno is overkill. I completely agree with this.

    I just happen to have a few on hand and figured "why not?"

    I should have some sensors to test with soon. I guess I'll know if my solution is viable or not........

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    Uno has exactly the same MCU as pro mini. Just a large package 😄


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