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  • I can't seem to find info on whether this is a good combination or not. I'm new to automation and have just spent several days reviewing all sorts of information on platforms. Since I am just getting started I'm not committed to anything. I really like the DIY aspect of it so really like the Mysensors approach to creating the automation devices but for the controller I figured I'd buy something developed for that purpose. From my research it seems the Vera and smartthings would be the way to go, but I'm not sure which is best (for me). I see a lot here on Vera obviously, but not a lot on smartthings. Vera seems like it would be fine, but at the same time it seems like it is less user friendly (less mainstream?) than smartthings for the future so I lean that way (integration with voice commands from the Amazon echo seems like a big mainstream bonus for example). I am also a big mac user so I wonder if I would want to ultimately command via Siri, which would take me to HomeKit, which is another beast altogether and doesn't seem up to par at this point, so I'll leave that out of this discussion I suppose. Anyway, I guess my main question is whether there are issues with using mysensors with the smartthings hub? Is there a plugin that is fairly straightforward to make them "play well" together? I've seen some other threads on this forum but couldn't find a direct answer to that question. Please feel free to also give advice/opinions on my situation in general, particularly on the way you would proceed if you had the blank slate that I currently have! Much thanks in advance.

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    I've not seen any MySensors plugin for SmartThings yet. Guess the SmartThings community isn't that big yet.

    But there are several other options if you don't like the Vera.

  • Thx! Would you just recommend the Vera then?

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