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  • I have used MySensors for one week now.
    Right now I am using Domoticz.
    But today I understood that the data will not be stored more than a week or so. Yearly data will only be maximum and minimum values.

    I like Domoticz but I am missing the data storage. I want to compare data from other years. I only have sensors today, temperature, humidity, pressure.

    I have a 24/7 running Windows 7 at home where I today gave Domoticz. I have a WiFi CC3000 gateway.
    I am looking for a software that can collect data in my house but I want to be able to send the data to my web hotel, I have MySQL running there. This is to be able to reach the data from anywhere. I know I can open ports in my firewall but even then, e.g. from my office I can't reach it because our IT have blocked almost everything.

    Any ideas what I can run?

    Is it possible to run like Domoticz on Amazon Server, Microsoft Azure, data center?

  • Mod

    I find the conservative amount of data saved by Domoticz very annoying, but throwing away data seems very important for the developers unfortunately. They've even refused to graph battery levels because they think saving data is bad.

    So I'm also interested in a solution to this problem. Maybe the configuration can be hacked somehow. As you have probably already seen, it is possible to configure the save time from 1 day (default) to 7 days in settings. Maybe it can be set even higher by modifying the database?

    As for running Domoticz on Aws or Azure, yes you can.

  • Look this Controller, MySensors adapter for him,

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