Wi-fi Enabled Sensors

  • Hi experts

    I am going to work on a project and I am new to this. I am looking for best solution to build the following module:

    Device that will have 3 sensors:

    1. Motion Detector Sensor
    2. Temperature Sensor
    3. Humidity Sensor

    The device needs to send/push temperature, humidity information and motion alert to server on cloud/internet using WiFi.

    I am thinking to use Arduino Uno R3 with all those 3 sensors, but I am not sure how make it WiFi enabled or how to lay it out so that it can be fit on one box. Can anyone suggest me or point me to step by step guideline to accomplish this task?

    Thank you for helping.


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    Welcome to the MySensors forum @JagWalia !
    The getting started guide explains how to get started step by step

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