Making a dual radio repeater

  • Hello everyone,
    I would like to make a repeater with tow radio, because my gateway is 2.4Ghz, but i wan't to put outdoor sensors in 433Mhz.

    BUT: as i'm not english native, i may haven't found the keyword to find this kind of project into the forum, is there anything like this ?

    Thanks, and have a good day !

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    Dual radio is not (currently) supported. The supported solution is to use one gateway per radio network.

    So just create two gateways, one with nrf and one with rf69.

  • Thanks for the answer.
    May we trick and use two arduino talking via serial ?
    My controller doesn't support two gateway yet.

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    Yes that should be possible. String parsing in c/c++ is a pain (imho) though :(

  • Too bad, way out of my ability...

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    @mfalkvidd strtok makes it easy ;-)

    e.g. quick guide

  • Not sure if it is an option for you or not but, could you have one of your radio networks work via serial and the other on MQTT?

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    The RFLink (433mhz) has a great PCB (for Mega though) that has both Nrf24+ slot and 433 transiever slot - but at this moment the only thing implemented is the 433mhz function - so its a bit of work.

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