Arduino Uno Works, Nano not

  • I am building a motion sensor connecting to my ethernet gateway. When I make the sensor with Arduino Unos it works great. If I use same radio, sensor, cables and code with Arduino Nano's I get an "radio init fail".

    I triple checked cabling, the nanos etc. Also put a capacitor etc. but no success.

    Anybody has an idea why it works on UNOs but not on Nano's?

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    Sounds like a bad nano? Check power (3.3) with a multimeter to start with.
    Also try to upload some standard blinksketch and try the different pins the radio uses on the nano to see if something is broken

  • I checked Voltage which is fine. Also Nano is working fine (Blink etc). I actually tested with three different nano and all give me same result whereas the UNO's immediately work. Do I need to make any adjustments in the code if I use Nanos?

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    No, it should be the same.

  • Check the power at the radio and make sure it's getting ~3.3v . Are the nanos 5v or 3.3v?

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    Nanos are 5v but have both 5v and 3.3v outputs.

  • @soward Power and cabling has been checked. All is fine but I still get that error.

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    Does the Uno have a 3.3V-reg while Nano get 3.3V from it's Ftdi-chip (don't remember) Could Uno/Nano board selection in Arduino IDE effect the Ftdi behavior?

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