MQTT Gateway

  • Hi

    Can anybody tell me the difference between a MQTT Gateway and a Ethenet Gateway?

    Does a MQTT function the same as a ethernet gateway?

  • @Terence-Faul The ethernet gateway speaks with the controller directly over TCP.

    The MQTT gateway will publish messages from the sensors to a MQTT broker.
    The broker is a software that you must install and run that comes in between of the gateway and the controller.
    The controller must also connect as a client to the MQTT controller, and it subscribes to the messages pushed by the MQTT gateway.
    The controller too can send a command through the broker, that the gateway will see and forward to the node.

    The biggest advantage of the MQTT (for me anyway) is that I can use a PC or Android client to also connect to the broker and look at what goes in and out of the gateway.
    It allow me to also test different controllers (openhab, domoticz) without touching the one I run usually (

  • That is great thanks

    Last question, will it also function as a normal ethernet gateway. I currently use that with Domoticz

  • @Terence-Faul not that I know of. And domoticz MQTT support is less than stellar. You cannot configure the topic(s) it listen to, and you need to go through node-red (a node.js app) to transform what the gateway sends.

    I honestly couldn't be bothered to install it, and went straight to
    I might try it out though, as I have a couple of lifx led bulbs that domoticz supports.
    Or (probably) I'll wait for openhab 2.0 to reach stable.