radio init fail !!!

  • hi
    I have 2 NRF24 radios with antenna and 12 without. i have set up a serial gateway on a arduino UNO and a Humidity sensor on another UNO (also tried on Pro Mini) Yesterday i had this basic setup working using the two antenna version RF modules. i then substituted the rf modules for antenna less ones. in the serial monitor, both came up with " radio init fail ,so i swapped them back. now the Humidity sensor says "id req" it sort of sends to
    gateway (i have no controller. just veiwing in ser monitor). i have capacitors on power lines. have reloaded sketches several times but still get the id req in the sensor side, i have even tried different sensor sketches they all sort of work, but give the id req thing. (also cleared eeprom)
    I dont know whether it is connected but ALL 12 ! of the antenna less ones say "radio init fail" in both sensor and gateway, they were all new and had worked previosly.

  • Admin

    Did you by any chance get the none-plus variant of the NRF24l01?

    "id req" --- Means id request. And as you have no controller no-one answers it.

  • It must be something very dumb. Check that you have a solid galvanic connection to nrf modules on all lines.