Changing Node Id of Serial Gateway

  • Hello.

    Can I change Node ID of the Serial gateway? I'm using Domoticz as a controller.
    I tried to change the code
    gw.begin(incomingMessage, 24, true, 0);
    // also tried gw.begin(incomingMessage, 24, true, 24);

    and changed each
    serial(PSTR("0;0;%d;0;%d; .........

    // also tried cahnging into serial(PSTR("24;24;%d;0;%d;.............

    I made changes in the files SerialGateway and SerialGatewayUtil
    The node with sensor sees SerialGateway; Domoticz showes log "Serial gateway ready", but Domoticz does not see the sensor.

  • Admin

    No, you cannot. May I ask why?

  • I suppose that this could increase security a little bit. Sorry to hear that this is impossible.

  • Mod

    How would it increase security?

  • Well, if one wants to steal a signal, it would be more difficult to him to understand what is happening. It is some kind of Security through obscurity.
    On the other hand if something wants to pretend being a gateway, it would be more difficult to find out what node id does the node have.
    I understand that this not huge security upgrade but this can cause some difficulties for intruder.

  • Mod

    This thread might be of interest if you want to increase security:

    There is also a sniffer available to capture traffic (including node ids):

  • I've seen the security link, but sniffer is very interesting indeed. Thank You!

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