What is the best controller for Apple devices (OSX and iOS)

  • Hi,

    I have mainly Apple devices and hope to integrate my various smart sensors in a way that they can easily send notifications to my iOS devices and be controlled to/from the iOS devices. If possible it would be great to integrate it with HomeKit to be able to controll the various devices / smart sensors with Siri.


    • What is the temperature in the living room?
    • Do I have any mail in the mailbox?
    • Turn on the light in the living room
    • Turn on the Apple TV
    • Turn on Netflix on my TV
    • What is the moisture level of my Rosemary herbs

    I see that there is a new app named "Home - Smart Home Automation" which looks really nice, but I haven't tested it yet. And of course there is Vera controller, but I understand it is not expected that it will support HomeKit and Siri.

    What do you recommend?

  • I am using Domoticz. It is very nice and Gizmocuz is very helpful and quick.
    You can install Homekit to it, nothing i have tried YET. https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/Homekit_Siri

    I am using Pilot as iPhone app and that is great, Patrick is listen to you if you have any ideas or question.

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