Has anyone tried a Arduino memory expansion and does ATSHA204A a breakout exists?

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    For almost two years I've been wanting to try out the 24LC256 I2C EPROM. According to a Dutch web shop it expands the memory of an Arduino with 32Kb. See this PDF. I'm not sure if the gateway supports OTA. But would it be possible with this EPROM?

    I recently soldered an Arduino Gateway and I'm happy with it. But it uses almost 27Kb of memory and 900 bytes of variables space. Since I want to add signing to my MySensors network, I'm concerned that the gateway will run out of memory. That's when I remembered this EPROM.

    Another question will hardware signing save up memory space? I've looked for an Atmel ATSHA204A breakout board (I've never soldered SMD before, and it looks really intimidating). But wasn't able to find one. Sparkfun used to have an ATSHA204 breakout board. But they're out of stock. Was hoping to save some memory by using the chip instead of soft signing.

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    I2C eeproms are not supported by DualOptiboot bootloader, for this you need an SPI flash instead. In theory it should be possible to make a bootloader using I2C eeproms for temporary sketch storage, until it's completed transfer..

    One option is to wait for the GW device that are "comming very soon". It has 256Kb flash onboard for program, and 32kb ram. I can't tell when it's coming, but sometime between now and summer/fall.. (I've been hit more heavily by other workloads, than I had anticipated when starting out on that project).

    I'm waiting for (hopefully) the last prototype PCB's to arrive, which then needs assembly and verification before I give a go for production in China.

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    @tbowmo It sounds very promising. And you made me curious. Does this new gateway have an ATSHA204A on board?

    Take your time, we all have a job beside MySensors. But I'm very excited. You'd get my vote as contest winner for this year. And I'm sure that there's more on that board 😉

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    Yes, it will contain atsha204 onboard, and be ready for wired ethernet if you add a W5100 module, and can be configured with both RFM69 and NRF24 radios (Library has a limit of 1 radio at a time though)

    Unfortunately I'm on the voting comity for the contest, so I can't participate 🙂

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    @TheoL if one day you want to try ota+authentication on breadboard or add it to an existing node..