nRF24L01+ long range, learn from my mistake

  • If you would like to buy a new nRF24L01+ so you can get more range, don't do like I did. I will tell you what i did.
    I bought this(link below) and was waiting and waiting and today finally it arrives, yeah. Kids had gone to bed and I was going around my house checking range before change.
    Changed the nRF24L01+ with standard PCB antenna to new NRF(link), checked mA and the new NRF was 1 mA below!!!, I have heard that long range NRF should draw much more that you need external power source. Not this one!!! 😟
    PCB antenna ~13 mA, long range 60 mA maybe?
    I walked around my house again and still same range like old NRF, strange. Went in to this forum and found my mistake.
    I had bought a normal NRF but with an SMA antenna, WHAT???😡 Like always I am so excite to order quickly so I didn't see that this is NOT PA and NOT LNA.

    So before you order check that the NRF is PA and LNA. Sometimes I order same item but from 2 different sellers and sometimes even from 2 different placed like ebay and aliexpress, if the item disappear or take extra long time to arrive. I checked my second order and that was a PA and LNA, yeah, so now i am back to wait until it arrives. Puhh

    Good luck😃