Voltage Follower Help Needed

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    Does anyone have any experience regarding voltage followers?

    I'm looking at implementing a voltage follower into my Electrochemical Sensor circuit for Carbon Monoxide and to remove any electronical noise that could influence the sensor (which its very sensitive too) they recommend i add in a voltage follower before the sensor output gets to the OP AMP to the MCU.

    Page 6 of the datasheet shows the voltage follower circuit proposed, but my current circuit is using a non-inverting setup where the proposed schematic (shown below) is using an inverting method. I know that the voltage follower is a non-inverting OP AMP itself, and i know how it works by utilizing the fact no current can flow through a OP AMP, however i just do not know/understand how to use this in my current setup.

    How would you go about implementing the voltage follower into my current circuit? Is it even possible to have a voltage follower on a non-inverting setup?

    Voltage Follower Circuit


    My circuit

    alt text