Need Help with my water pressure project

  • Hi everyone,

    I could use a little bit of your help with a water pressure project I built. I built this project to monitor my water filters I have installed in the houses water system to monitor the water pressure and alert me when the filter are in need of being changed and to shut my electric water heater off if there is no water pressure, which happens quite often living on a rural community with a well water system . Also a pressure sensor for my radiant heat system to also monitor its operating pressure. I have all 3 of these sensors (pressure transducer) working on one Arduino Uno board. All this works great. My sketch is probably longer then is needs to be. I'm still pretty green when it comes to writing & editing sketches

    The problem have is, and I'm using a vera-lite for a controller, when I added it to my controller I got a foreign language on the device. I have done some editing to the XML and Json files to see if I could fix the problem with no luck. I'm even greener when comes to writing or editing these type of file. I used the barometer files, from MySensors for my project, sense it was the closest to what I was trying to achieve. I edited the text in these files. I Change the Hpa to PSI and Pressure.0_1462830038717_Water Pressure.PNG

    Could someone help me with foreign language display??

    And if anybody else is interested in developing an transducer pressure sensor for Mysensors I'd be happy to share what I have so far. Maybe someone could help me iron out some of my rough edges.

    Thanks, look forward to hearing from ya

  • 0_1462873934597_Water PressureSensor.PNG

    Update: I figured out how to make a few changes to the Vera device display. Now for some reason all three are reading from one analog pin. I have each one of them set on A0, A1, A2. Never mind as I was writing this post I think I figured out what I done wrong. For some reason I had the A0 pin defined twice in my sketch. Still need to test it an see that's the problem. And the only thing I have left to try an figure out is in the Vera Scenes the language is still in French.

    Anybody have any ideas how I can fix this??

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