Need feedback for correct direction

  • I have been researching home automation for several months now off and on (time permitting). I have two Arduino Unos, Raspberry Pi 2, and Raspberry Pi 3. I admit, I am a newbie to wireless RF communications, etc, but willing to learn.

    I have been looking at this site, the Uber instructable that people have referred to, OpenHAB, etc. My initial scope is to monitor my garage door monitor, parking sensor, and hopefully some lights at some point. Then maybe into camera.

    The issue I have is a lot of the articles I read are old, and I am wondering if I am exploring old technology when there could be easier implementations out there.

    Would it be easier to buy an open source out of the box solution?
    If DIY, what framework is preferred? Is a seperate gateway needed, or can that be house on the same OS board (For example, Pi with OpenHAB, Mosqitto, and NRF2401L etc)
    If DIY, is NRF2401L+ still decent, or 8266 better? Suitable from garage to in the house?
    If DIY, what is the preferred UI / app level? OpenHAB, etc
    If DIY, your feedback...

    Thanks again for your time, look forward to getting some current feedback