Repeater in Domoticz (Another one)

  • Im trying to get the pooltemp in Domoticz. I have a Node that has been working great on my second floor. It has 3 temp sensors and all are registred in domoticz.

    I now tried to move it to the pool but the distance was too far. Its only about 5 meters further than where it was and now its on the same "level" as the gateway.

    No new temp messages is now recived.

    I then tried to put a repeater node in between. Standard mySensors code, no other fuctionality on that node.
    But nothing happends.

    When I read the serial from the Repeater it only sends the starting message and noting else.
    This, and nothing else.

    send: 3-3-0-0 s=255,c=0,t=18,pt=0,l=3,sg=0,st=ok:1.5
    send: 3-3-0-0 s=255,c=3,t=6,pt=1,l=1,sg=0,st=ok:0
    read: 0-0-3 s=255,c=3,t=6,pt=0,l=1,sg=0:M
    repeater started, id=3, parent=0, distance=1
    send: 3-3-0-0 s=255,c=3,t=11,pt=0,l=13,sg=0,st=ok:Repeater Node
    send: 3-3-0-0 s=255,c=3,t=12,pt=0,l=3,sg=0,st=ok:1.0

    Any idea where I sould start to look for the problem?

    Gateway to repeater about 6meters.
    Repeater to gateway about 7 meters.

    None uses batteries.

  • @popunonkok
    It is same channel on Reapeter and Node?
    It takes 6 failures before Node is trying to find Parent(Reapeter).
    Try to reset Node that can speed up the Node to search for new Parent

  • This is what the Node is sending.

    send: 1-1-3-0 s=255,c=0,t=17,pt=0,l=3,sg=0,st=ok:1.5
    send: 1-1-3-0 s=255,c=3,t=6,pt=1,l=1,sg=0,st=ok:3
    sensor started, id=1, parent=3, distance=2
    send: 1-1-3-0 s=255,c=3,t=11,pt=0,l=18,sg=0,st=ok:Temperature Sensor
    send: 1-1-3-0 s=255,c=3,t=12,pt=0,l=3,sg=0,st=ok:1.1
    send: 1-1-3-0 s=0,c=0,t=6,pt=0,l=0,sg=0,st=ok:
    send: 1-1-3-0 s=1,c=0,t=6,pt=0,l=0,sg=0,st=ok:
    send: 1-1-3-0 s=2,c=0,t=6,pt=0,l=0,sg=0,st=ok:
    send: 1-1-3-0 s=0,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=ok:23.8
    send: 1-1-3-0 s=1,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=ok:23.1
    send: 1-1-3-0 s=2,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=ok:19.5
    send: 1-1-3-0 s=2,c=1,t=0,pt=7,l=5,sg=0,st=ok:19.6

    Where can I see if they are on the same channel?

  • Now it seems to work. Probably was the resetting of the node. Switching it from the power outlet to the computer.

    However, sould I be woried that I will lose connection if I unplug the devices now? Because they are not exactly where I want them.

  • Hero Member

    If they were not on the same channel they would not be able to talk to each other. If you need to you can change the channel in the MyConfig.h file, found in the MySensors library folder or in your sketch. Remember all your nodes and gateway must be on the same channel. look for these lines

    #ifndef MY_RF24_CHANNEL
    #define MY_RF24_CHANNEL	76

  • @popunonkok
    If you want to change location of your devices, plug in Gateway fist, then repeater and last your nodes.
    If you don't see your node in your Controller it can be that there is no con crib between node and GW/Repeater.