Node to Node

  • I have some electronics in my car (yep, im that guy) and I am looking to put some control buttons in my sunglasses holder on the ceiling. I obviously do not want to try to get wiring through the ceiling of my fairly new car so I was thinking of using RF to do the controlling. I was wondering if something like this is possible on node->node interaction. I know the pingpong sketch does that, but I have also seen there is some talk of having to be near a gateway at some point.

    If i setup everything up once, do I need to get the nodes back to the gateway? will it cause any problems with those nodes being isolated to each other down the road?

    I know I could code this directly, but I like the idea of being able to use something that has already had alot of thought for retries and what not put in to it.


  • @Jason-Brunk
    I am not sure but maybe you can use incoming message to listen to the NRF network.

    Read more about how to use incoming message here

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