Only ethernet nodes?

  • Hi,
    I really want to use MySensors in my home automation project, but main idea of the system is to not be wireless. I have new house and I can have cables where I want. I just want to have more reliable system. The idea is one cat. 5/6 cable to each room where will be Arduino and from Arduino cat. 5 cable to sensors/relays. What is more - few kilometers from the house I have my office. The house and office are connected with fiber. I'd like to have some sensors there - if it is over IP then it is possible to connect it. I will have the rPi with Domoticz as controller but in my project the element which is unnecessary is the gateway. So normal connection is:
    Sensor <-> Node <--wireless--> Gateway <--wired--> Controller

    And I'd like to have something like this:

    Sensor <-> Node <--wired--> Controller
    Is it possible to connect the system this way?

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    You can connect sensors directly to the Gateway and you can connect several Gateways to your Controller ( You need to check if Domoticz can handle this ).

    So what you will have is several of these:
    Sensor <-> GatewayNode <--wired--> Controller

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    @Artur-Tomaszczyk You could use the RS (wired) version of MySensors

  • Ok, thanks. I'll try to find sketch for it


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