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  • I´ve read this thread and I uncommented #define MY_DEBUG in MyConfig.h and also added #define MY_DEBUG to my node´s sketch (at the very top). After Uploading the sketch I thought I´d be able to see the debugging on the Serial Monitor of my GATEWAY (I cannot access the serial monitor output of my node), but the output was just the same as before. Isn´t it possible to see the debug info on the gateways serial monitor?

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    @siod How is your gateway connected? Also not sure if the gateway will create extra debug info on the serial line. Because it's also being used by controllers to communicate with the gateway and extra debug info would confuse the gateway. Not sure about this, it's just a thought.

    What I do if I want to see the serial communication is just use a tail command on my Raspberry Pi. That way I can see all the commands that are also being received by Domoticz.

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    Mysensors does not support sending debug messages from a node to the gateway, you need to connect a serial terminal to your node, in order to see the debug messages it generates.

    (We can't be sure that the radio link is operational, and it will consume too much bandwith, if it would have to transmit all debug messages to the gateway)

  • Ok guys, thanks for your quick replies and please excuse my late reply...