Show Real-time IMU data from four nodes

  • Hey guys,

    After successfully using domoticz and MySensors to automate my house, i have a new project.

    I want to show data from four nodes on a controller. All four nodes only have an IMU. I got all of the nodes working and they are sending data (pitch and roll) with 4hz. I want to display this data real-time. Currently i tried domoticz but it doesnt refresh enough and i cant get a right datatype.

    Does anyone know a controller that fits my project, or maybe another approach?

    Looking forward to your answers!

    Thanks in advance, Niels

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    Hi @nielsokker,

    I think that there's no controller that can meet your requirements. Simple because they're designed for home automation, for handling IMU data

    However, what you could do, is create an MQTT gateway and create your own application for showing the real-time IMU. That way you can still use the values in your controller (for instance activate an alarm when a certain value reaches a thereshold) and be able to display a real-time IMU data.

    I've forgotten the name of the product, but @Yveaux showed us how he uses MQTT to display all types of different graphs.

    Hopes this helps you

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    @TheoL think you mean Grafana, and database engine InfluxDB

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    Thank you @Yveaux that was what I meant.

  • @Yveaux and @TheoL,

    Thanks for your help,

    I am going to use this. Exactly what i need!

  • Hmm, after looking at it. It seems a big "overkill" for my intentions. What do you guys think about pyMYS. Maybe that will do the job?

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    @nielsokker I haven't tried it. But please post your progress as others might benefit from it.

  • I will!

    Restored my RPI today. I am going to use pyMYS. Only need something to display it.

    Will keep you guys informed!

  • if pyMYS doesn't suit you mycontroller might be an option too. (my sensor is not sending enough data for a very fast interval :D)

    Its not "realtime" but mycontroller supports widgets with refresh rate with .. don't know .. as fast as the hardware can go? 馃槃 Fiddler seems to prove that with 0.1s refresh intervall on the widget the request from the webpage to the controller are made every 100ms.


    I have no sensor to shop up some real usefull data but have a look.

  • Ah, thank you for your response! I am gonna take a look at it.

    I made pymys work for version 2.0, just some minor adjustments. I made it work with flask and, (will post some code and links later, dont have much time now). It display exactly what i want on a webpage and it is pretty real-time.

    The only problem i am facing is that it will not automatically start at boot. I tried every possible solution as far as i know, but i just cant get it running properly. It will start, but will get the error that the bytes are not right(startbyte not right, continuation byte not right). It is so weird that when i start it by hand, it will do fine.

    Does someone have a solution? in the meantime i will try the controller mentioned above.

  • If you are sending lots of messages you might night to resort to the latgest snapshot.

    With the snapshot you might increase the "resoruce-log" level and decrease the retention time. (The resorucelog is a history of the most recent received message).

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