Any success using the very small form factor clones?

  • There's a bunch of extra small clones out there, some orientated towards clothing (such as the lilypad) but with interesting form factors (and shields for batteries etc.).

    Has anyone had any luck creating sensors using these devices? I like the idea of the round ones for example as they would allow me to produce a sensor almost like a small sphere (Thinking of the Fibaro sensor form factor...).

    Is there anything that would be considered a minimal spec to run a sensor? i.e. certain interrupts, io numbers etc.? which would be tested against these odd machines?



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    I haven't tried lilypad myself but it would probably work fine. Same MCU.

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    Minimum? Well, you need the 3 fixed SPI pins and 2 more (CSN and CE) to run the radio (at least in the normal manner). And whatever pins you need for sensors and actuators.

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