What hardware to choose for this scenarios

  • Hi,
    I´m new here at MySensors and are very interested to start with sensors to hook them up to my Domoticz system.
    My confusion comes with what hardware I should buy to accomplice my task.

    I want to have wireless network on my controller, so that I can get Domoticz to talk to the controller over my existing wireless network
    Will all three of the below options solve this or which one of the below? Will I need more than the hardware below?

    • Arduino Nano and attach a NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver
    • NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 CH340 WIFI Internet
    • NodeMcu Lua ESP8266 CH340 WIFI Internet and attach NRF24L01+ 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver


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    Depends, on how extensive you will make your automation setup.

    Do you want to have a single node that you can communicate with from domoticz? or a network of sensors? Do you have the possibility to connect a gateway directly to the computer running domoticz? Or do you require wifi/ethernet between gateway and computer?

    If you want multiple nodes connected to domoticz, I would recomend getting either NRF24L01, or RFM69 radio modules for your HA network. RFM69 is sub-GHz, so it has a sligthly better coverage than NRF24, on the other hand NRF24 is cheaper compared to RFM69

    If you have the possibility to attach the GW directly to your computer, then go for a arduino nano, with radio attached above. Otherwise go for ESP8266.

    Hope that this can help you out a little bit?

  • Thanks for quick reply.

    My idea is to have several nodes with "MySensors" connected to Domoticz. I currently have Domoticz running on my Synology NAS, so there is no option to attach gateway for that unit. Thats why I would need the gateways to have WIFI or ethernet connection. I can use ethernet in some places but else it would be wireless.

    So the NRF24L01, or RFM69 modules is not WIFI network? WIFI is only included in the ESP8266?
    But all system either if I use ESP8266 or Aurdino I need NRF24L01, or RFM69 for the system to function?

    What I dont understand is what those modules are doing 🙂 As I connect the sensors directly to the Aurdino or ESP8266. I never connect anything to the NRF module, right?

    Sorry for all stupid questions 🙂 Appreciate all help.


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    The MySensors network consists (normally) of a number of arduino nodes (sensor nodes) with a NRF24 or RFM69 radio attached, these report measurement values back to a gateway connected to your home automation software (domoticz).

    This Gateway can be one of the following:

    1. ESP8266 (wifi is used between domoticz and Gateway).
    2. Arduino connected directly via USB to the computer/device running domoticz
    3. Arduino with an ethernet shield connected via ethernet cable

    All of the above can have sensors connected locally on the gateway, or can have a radio attached, either RFM69 or NRF24. If used with a radio, you have several other sensor nodes consisting of an arduino and a radio module, that can transmit their sensor data to the Gateway, which then conveys the measurement data to domoticz.

    for 2. and 3. there is comming a new option to the world very soon, with a dedicated beefed up mysensors gateway, that has interfaces for both RFM69 and NRF24 modules, as well as usb interface, and possibility to have ethernet shield attached.

    I recommend you to read more about the network topology on the main mysensors site https://www.mysensors.org/about/network

  • Again, thanks for quick reply.
    I´m starting to get a better understanding now of how its meant to be used 👍

    I have ordered some hardware now and will start to test.

    Thanks once again.