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    This thread contains comments for the article "Secret Knock Sensor" posted on MySensors.org.

  • I have not tried it but would it be possible to use this sensor to check when I put my alarm system to Away(not home)
    My system give a notification by sound when I need to leave my house, that sound should be possible to record.

  • I like this project very much. I am thinking about using it my self but would like to know if it is possible to allow the actuator to lock again after a short delay without having to knock again???

  • Need some help. I have wired everything up for this project however, when I connect my sound detection (mic) board, my speaker sounds then my relay turns on, sound, relay off....on and on. I tried changing the mic and button pins and checking for a bad ground but cant find anything.

  • Hmm. I connected a sound sensor to Arduino Mini Pro (with external power source), adjusted the sensitivity (so the LED only blinks when i knock on the mic), uploaded the example sketch. But the serial monitor shows me constantly knocks. Maybe 7 knocks per second. On and on....
    I set the threshold value in the sketch to 10 and 100 and 200. But no change.
    When i disconnect the sound sensors DO pin from Arduino. It's the same... constant knocks.

    What am i doing wrong?

    P.S.: Digital 0 is what pin on the Arduino? Pin2?

  • would it be possible to have two(2) different "knock-sounds".

    Lets says one knock to activate and a second knock to deactivate?

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