pymysensors specific forum?

  • Hello,

    There is any specific forum to talk about pymysensors?

    I have some doubts that I would like to clarify before proposing some changes on it.

    For example: Is it possible to send internal messages to the gateway? like sending an I_VERSION request. I only saw the option to send regular messages to sensors with set_child_vale.


  • Plugin Developer


    There's no specific forum for pymysensors that I know. Home Assistant uses pymysensors, so maybe that's the closest?

    Regarding sending an internal message: Create a Message instance and use the copy method to set the types and child, internal, I_VERSION, 255 etc. You can look at other places in the code for how that is done, eg:

    Then you want to encode the message and add it to the Gateway queue, for subsequent sending to gateway. There's the Gateway.fill_queue method for this. But you actually have to add a function with optional arguments/keyword arguments, where the return value of the function is the encoded message, to the queue. So you can add a reference to the encode method of the Message instance. See for example:

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