Controller selection matrix

  • Not being very happy with Domoticz for various reasons, I'd like to chose a new controller.
    However, I'm baffled by the number of them and by the amount of information available about them. It is not possible to read all the fora about all the controllers to figure out which one suits my personal needs best.

    Would it be possible to have a page on the website with a matrix of properties of the controllers ? If the structure is made by the website people, the content can be filled in by the community.

    Things I would be interested in are

    • Functional features
    • In what language the controller is written
    • What API's are supported
    • What scripting languages are supported
    • Configuration user-friendliness
    • Operation user-friendliness
    • What OS-ses will it run on
    • How wide and active is the supporting community
    • Open-sourced or not

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