MySensors MiLight integration

  • Hey Guys,
    Figured I would try to start a new thread for this. Last week I posted the code so far as I have for the milight integration in to 2.0 here.

    I have not been able to work on it since. If anyone wants to take a crack at it and has some milights, feel free 🙂

    I think this could be a very cheap way to replace hue and the $$ that goes with it.

    My uploaded code as of now will allow you to pair with your bulb, you have to send the "ON" command with in something like 3 seconds of turning on your light. That's how it pairs. Once you pair, you can send on and off. There is code there from previous versions for some of the other stuff like color change and dim. But I have not figured that part out as far as how I need to send the data.

    If @ted is still around he may be able to help even more so since he wrote the original. Im just hack jobbing his code up to 2.0 lol