error auto restart pi

  • I am using a Pi3 for my Domoticz. Already from the beginning it is not stable and it stops working after a few days. Today I did a fresh install using the SD installation procedure including the memory extend, time zone and password change.
    Only i sensor attached (double temp sensor).
    Immediate I receive a error:

    ERROR: pi hardware (4) nothing received for more then 5 Minutes!....
    Error: Restarting: pibolded textitalicised text

    Does anybody know if this is normal behaviour? The sensors only send data if a change of 1 degr is detected.

  • Mod

    I'm not sure of it is related, but turning off the data timeout in the hardware settings for your gateway might help.


  • @mfalkvidd I did not noticed that, I changed it to disabled and will monitor it during the upcomming days. Thanks for the tip!

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