MQTT topics from HA contains trailing slash

  • Hi,

    My node topics from the MQTT gateway doesn't contain trailing slashes, but their response topics published by HA do:

    INFO:homeassistant.core:Bus:Handling <Event mqtt_message_received[L]: qos=0, topic=mysensors-out/1/0/2/0/2, payload=>
    INFO:homeassistant.core:Bus:Handling <Event call_service[L]: service=publish, service_call_id=1977438992-1001, service_data=qos=0, topic=mysensors-in/1/0/1/0/2/, retain=True, payload=0, domain=mqtt>

    The MQTT gateway doesn't forward these trailing slash topics to any nodes. When I manually (mosquitto_pub) publish to a "corrected" topic, my node receives the message.

    My MySensors gateway is Raspberry Pi based, built from the development branch.
    HA is the latest release.

    Please help!

  • Have you tried to subscribe to the topic exactly as shows up in for example MQTT-SPY?

  • I am able to subscribe to the topic with the trailing slash and see the messages coming from HA (using mosquitto_sub), so there's no problem reaching the broker. The gateway itself doesn't seem to subscribe to that topic pattern as nothing is shown in debug mode.

    Gateway does nothing:

    mosquitto_pub -t 'mysensors-in/1/0/1/0/2/' -m '1'

    Gateway converts message topic/payload into MySensors Serial protocol and the node receives it:

    mosquitto_pub -t 'mysensors-in/1/0/1/0/2' -m '1'

  • Plugin Developer

    Please activate debug logging for mysensors.mysensors and post the log after start of HA, including mysensors related lines.

  • Plugin Developer

    I've confirmed the bug and have a fix. Should be able to include it in the HA release in two weeks (0.31).

  • That's excellent, thanks! I'm using a Node-RED function to change the topic name. That works for me until the fix is released.

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