EU flag development board

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    There is a project I've been working on that I would like to share. It is not a sensor board for home automation, it is more like a development board. There are some sensors on it which can be used, though. It has BMP180 temperature sensor, a LSM9DS1 3D accelerometer, gyroscope & magnetometer and real time clock. This is how it looks like:
    0_1476359730235_EU flag_top_mala.png

    0_1476359579827_EU flag_bottom_mala.png

    The idea is to use those sensors and display its values on the front of the board. Time for example. Microcontroller is an ATmega 2560 with mega bootloader and is Arduino compatible. It can be powered with a rechargeable coin battery or via USB. I'm working on a prototype at the moment and it will soon be ready.
    I made it because I would like to show that Europeans are as much proud of their heritage as Americans and lately Britons.
    Is there someone who would like to help write some code for it? And what do you think about it?

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    @ceech Interested (as allways ;)) although I would like to see a MySensors breakout (radio, ..)

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    @AWI Great. I'll let you know when its ready. You'd like a radio on the board? I'll consider it.

  • @ceech, could you make a version for the UK - without the flag? 😄

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    Here it is

    There are still some bugs to eliminate


    but it works


    And I'm quite happy with the result.
    Does anyone have any experience driving ATmega2560 at 3V? I'm considering removing boost converter circuit and power the flag with just a coin cell battery.

  • @ceech Did you manage to complete it? I think Felix at lowpowerlab has been running Moteino Mega (2560) at 3.3V

    EDIT: sorry - it is atmega1284 (not 2560) which Moteino Mega is based upon

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    @alexsh1 I did and it is working fine at 3.3V- just the power consumption of ATmega2560 is relatively high. I will probably use some other microcontroller. I'm looking towards Arduino Zero.

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