[Solved] RF24 connection MySensors 2.0 doesn't works but 1.5.4 works

  • Hello,
    On the beginning I would like to apologise for my poor English and little knowledge about MySensors.

    I have a few nodes on MySensors 1.5.4 (works already for a few months) and I wanted to change to MySensors 2.0.
    I refactored sketch code and... it doesn't work 😞

    I prepared simple sketch for 2.0 and 1.5.4 to send message every one seconds to controller.
    and again 2.0 doesn't work. I used the same hardware for both.
    I connected serial monitor and 2.0 stuck. Radio init is ok, but can't establish connection with controller (controller is close to node).
    Both MySensors used RF24_PA_LOW and use cheap China RF24 module with capacitors (47uf and 100n) on power pins.

    But, if I touch antenna by my finger, connection is established and messages go to controller, if I let antenna node report sending fail 😞

    On MySensors 1.5.4 I don't have similar problems, all messages arrive to controller, I observe similar behavior on 1.5.4 if I use RF24_PA_MAX but not RF24_PA_LOW.
    I would like to use MySensors 2.0 but can't.
    It looks like setup for RF24 is different.
    Could anyone help me with configuration of 2.0, or maybe version 2.0 has some bug related with setup RF24 signal?


  • This post is deleted!

  • It's me again, sorry that I bother you.
    I found problem so I just copy definition RF24_PA_LEVEL instead of MY_RF24_PA_LEVEL


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