Gateway or mqtt?

  • I have a Raspberry Pi running my HA system (a Hometroller Zee S2, which has Homeseer version 3). It uses z-wave, which can't do some things that I'd really like to do -- so I need to augment it.
    I read (on this forum) that I could use mqtt instead of a gateway. Is this OK? I'm concerned that the 2 systems would be a big load on the cpu.
    Regarding the quantity of devices on my 'completed' system: I figure that I'll have about 10 - 20 z-wave devices, and about 5 - 8 mysensors.
    I'd like to use mqtt because it's more elegant; I believe that the radio (probably an RFM69) would be inside the case, as opposed to gateway+radio plugged in to the usb.

  • @Michael_K ,

    I think you mean you want to use the Gateway WITH MqTT 🙂

    This works very well and I'm using it myself.
    I have the MqTT broker on a raspberry pi.
    And the gateway is an arduino with W5100 ethernet board.

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    If you use an mqtt-gateway, you still need a controller for assigning IDs.

    I switched from the mqtt-Gateway to a serial gateway and use a node.js script to map it to mqtt.

    (As conrtoller I use node-red.)

  • Well, I thought that I had this figured out.

    But, that's an ethernet gateway; don't I need a serial gateway?

    I have a controller -- the Raspberry Pi.

    Yeah -- I'm just a tad confused. 😕

    This is the post that got me on this concept:
    Advice on how to start my IOT project
    In the first reply, Mikael mentions an alternative setup.

    Apparently, I didn't quite understand what he meant there. Please explain.

  • @Michael_K ,

    If we go from the front to the back this is what is needed:

    1 Node: For example a door bell.
    This node sends information to a gateway.
    2 The gateway takes the message from the node and sends this to a controller. For instance Openhab or Domotics. This can be done in several ways. MqTT being one.
    3 Controller: takes the information and displays it to you.

    So in my case, I hardcode Node ID and CHILD ID (the complete door bell is a NODE whereas CHILD IDs may be the button pressed and maybe temperature reading at the same time).
    This sends to Gate way that takes the information and creates a MqTT message.
    What this message is, please read the instructions on this site.

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