Mysensors node to poll Modbus device ?

  • I have a Schneider power monitoring devices providing me with lots of data through a MODBUS RTU interface.

    Domoticz has no support for Modbus, so my option would be to try to get the data out of the power monitor using some modbus library on the pi and insert that into domoticz through scripts. Which i have not been able to get working yet 😞

    Since i am planning to switch from using 1-wire and i2c devices connected directly to my raspi through OWFS and scripting towards using MySensors, this got me thinking about the Modbus option as well.. The pi is low on serial connections, and the modbus libs are a pain in the <censored>. I have been able to extract all the wanted data using an arduino however !

    Would it be possible to create a mysensors node (or even better : add it to my gateway node since it's 10cm's away from the power monitor thing) that polls the power monitor through modbus, converts it to the desired data format and outputs it onto the mysensors network to be used in domoticz ?

    has anyone ever tried this ? or has any experience with this ?

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    @Redguy - I dont know if its remotley close to what you are looking for but i have Nibe heatpump which use MODBUS and there is a implementation in openHAB i have been looking at. I have not made anything yet with it but maybe it can get you into the right direction.

  • @Redguy Did you succeed talking modbus and sending to mysensors network ? I have a small mysensors over rs485 network and would like to add this device : it would be convinient to use the same cables, ideally the gateway could make the translation directly.

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