Pooling battery relay

  • I want to make a relay/switch which needs to be battery powered. Because of that it can't be constantly listening for messages. Since it is not critical for it to be instant, I was thinking that the node could be sleeping for like 60 seconds, and the send and heartbeat (or other message) to the gateway and wait for a reply. When receiving that, the gateway would send the current state to the node, and the node would then return to sleep. It would be similar to the option that exists in MYSController, that waits for a node to speak to send it a message.

    Is this possible to do using Home Assistant?

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    Yes, smartsleep is supported. I explained how that is implemented in this post:

  • @martinhjelmare 😮 that is great!
    So if I have, say, a switch and turn it ON on HA, when the node sends an heartbeat HA will send the ON command to the node? 😄

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    Yes, exactly.

  • @martinhjelmare How cool! That solves my problem! You developed the component for HASS? Great work dude! Really, thanks for it.

    I hope to be able to contribute more in the future, for now I've only done some small PRs.

  • What a great post to read for the New Year to come. This will be perfect solution for me to add this heartbeat to a smoke alarm, so that I can sent burgler-alarm signal to smoke alarm and disturb burglars

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    I didn't make the initial mysensors implementation in home assistant that only supported sensors, but I made the refactor that laid the groundwork for multiple mysensors platforms in home assistant. About 5-10 people has been contributing to the mysensors component in home assistant over time.

    There's also the pymysensors package (not my creation either) that interfaces mysensors and home assistant. It's actually this package that holds most of the mysensors specific logic, like smartSleep. Here there's also about 5-10 people that has contributed.

    All help and feedback is welcome!

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