Multiple gateways : Node ID unique per gateway or overall ?

  • I am building a mysensors setup in which I plan to use multiple gateways (1 for RF, 1 for RS485)..

    How doe Mysensors handle node ID's ? Should these by unique per gateway or overall ?

    My guess would be per gateway since these are pretty much stand alone on the my sensors level, but wont this cause issues to the controller software running above it ? (I am using Domoticz)

  • You need to give every node a unique address, otherwise Domoticz is unable to tell which of the gateways to access when you request an action.

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    @Redguy This depends on the controller software / implementation. Within the OpenHAB 2 binding the ID has to be unique per gateway, not per controller.

  • Thanks guys !

    Since i am using Domoticz, i'll stick to unique ID's overall.. That would mean that you cannot use the "auto" setting for ID's if you are using multiple mysensors gateways with Domoticz at all..

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