RFM69 Supported on RPi Serial gateway?

  • Hey guys,

    Just a quickie, does anyone know if the Raspberry Pi Serial gateway works with the RFM69 yet ? I had it working with the NRF24 previously and now that I'm looking to move to RFM69's it would be nice if I could essentially swap out the radio and have it all work with limited changes (within reason obviously).


  • The only thing I've found on this is support in 2.2.0 beta, check these PR's:
    (don't know why there's two of them but one seems to be merged)

    I've been waiting for this to build my system on rfm69's ...hopefully one day soon (tm) I will have the time to test it 🙂

  • Yea I've seen those 2 PR's also.
    I've even tried tekkas transportUpdate branch to see if anything on that bleeding edge is working with the RFM69. I ran into build failures when trying to make the Mysgw binary with the define -DMY_RFM69_NEW_DRIVER included to use the new RFM69 driver. Using the old driver I got closer to it building but still failed due to the chip select define SS not being set.

    I know this stuff is all very WIP and not expected to work, but still nice to tinker and see if I can get anywhere with it.

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    regarding the new rfm69 driver, for the moment i think you'll need to wait a little bit, perhaps not so much, because it will break compatibility with older nodes.

    Stay tuned!

  • Ah ok, well I'm very excited to see this area improve, hopefully this v2.2.0 beta is aiming for a release in the near future and is able to include the new driver and linux gateway improvements.
    I'll wait patiently for now 😉


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