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  • Hi..

    I have a couple of nodes, and just want to display the node data on an lcd screen attached to my arduino uno gateway.

    I don't really need a full on controller - but to be able to pass back simple switch on/off requests, time/date etc. to the nodes would be useful.

    Is there any how to guides, good examples I can look at to see what I need to do?

    What is the bare minimum I need to implement to function as a controller?

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    @Zebedee maybe can give some inspiration.

    The API and Serial protocol (available by clicking "Download and API" in the menu at the top of the forum) describes how to communicate with MySensors. I don't think a bare minimum exists - it all depends on which features you want to support.

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    Do you want to control the nodes from outside (e.g. via MQTT) or will the communication be only inside the mysensors network?

    Implementing a controller on the gateway isn't that simple, as there is no plugin mechanism in the library, where you can extend for example the serial gateway.

    For implementation details you can look at

    It may be easier to have a seperate arduino for the controller and attach a serial gateway. (I am working on a arduino due controller where you can attach up to 3 serial gateways.)

  • Thanks mfalkvidd - there are a couple of snippets in that code that will be useful, but I need a bit more than he has implemented..

    Hi FotoFieber - for the time being, I don't need MQTT, the only comms will be inside the mysensors network.. I'm familiar with node.js, Python etc. & RPi - maybe in the future I will use a full on controller, but for now I can do it all on 1 Uno..

    I may have to use a seperate Uno for the controller and just parse the serial comms from the gateway, but it seems a (really) simple combined gateway/controller is a missing piece of the mysensors project - reading around, it seems like many people would make use of such a thing, and it would certainly help newbies (such as myself) to mysensors in getting started..

    What I'm trying to do is this:

    1 x node, sending temp, humidity etc. (tx only)
    2 x node serving as heating controllers (tx temp, rx heat on/off)
    1 x gateway/controller wih RTC, display and input buttons, to show tempertures, turn heating on/off according to temp, schedule etc.

    Really simple, with no need for a full on controller..

    Thanks for all inputs, I could use some arduino code samples for parsing the received messages (at the gateway), and pseudocode for responding to time requests etc.

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    Here is an example with the old library. Parsing should be compatible but the rest will not work with 2.1

  • Thanks for that FotoFieber - a useful find.. if I can find some matching server code, I'll be able to convert the useful bits to do what I need.

    I'll keep this thread updated, hopefully it will be useful to anyone else wanting the same thing.

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