Control lenght of payload with S_INFO

  • Hi,

    I have :

    // define my payload
    char payload[8] = "12345678";
    // define my myssage
    MyMessage nikoBusMessage(0, V_TEXT);
    // and sending the message in the program

    But when the message is send, a complete payload of 26 char is send.
    How do I control the lenght of the payload that I want to send?

    I tried :


    but then the asci value for each character of "12345678" is send in the payload.

  • Mod

    @wimd the second option looks correct to me. Did you expect something else than the ascii characters to be sent? If so, what did you expect?

    I think the first option can work if you end the string with a null character (\0)

  • When i limit the lenght with


    I get this as output (ascci values of char) :
    Maybe a bug in library?

    But indeed the solution with the nul character works fine.


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