SOLVED: MySController 1.0.0beta and ESP8266 MQTT Gateway

  • Hello :). Back in November I built a Vera compatible gateway out of a NodeMCU v1.0 board and an NRF board. This worked fine (and I could connect/manage with the MySController application) but I have started transitioning everything to MQTT to reduce my dependence on the (sometimes flaky) Vera.

    I reflashed my Vera gateway with the ESP8266 MQTT gateway code and everything works fine except for communication with the MySController application. My gateway's IP is and I assume the port is still the same (5003)? I even attempted to define MY_PORT as 5003 that did not work. The log in MySController says "INFO Connected to 192.168.24:5003" then immediately after "ERROR Error on connect: connection refused"

    Thank you in advance!

  • Admin

    @dirtbikr MYSController does not suppory MQTT (yet).

  • Thank you for the information tekka, I appreciate it. That is what I gathered from the thread about MYSController but I wasn't totally sure.

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