433 Mhz Sender / Transmitter

  • Hello!
    I'm new here (also new to the whole MySensors-world) and i hope i'm in the right part of the forum 😃
    I've already (tried to?) build a Raspberry Gateway but since i'm still waiting for my microbenders i couldn't test it out yet!
    Hoping that i can figure out all this arduino thing i would like to build a sensor that can control my gate via 433 Mhz.
    Is this for "advanced users" or do you think a noob like you could to this (with maybe a lot of help)?

    Anyway, i'm excited to add a few sensors to my openHab home automation!

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    @narf Welcome! I'm sure you came to the right forum. Although "troubleshooting" is probably a little early 😉
    I is possible to have a MySensors node transmit (and receive) 433 MHz messages. It will largely depend on the 433 MHz protocol used by your gate. There are several protocols possible try to search what is available on the internet. Another possiblity (challenge) is to transform your gate to be a MySensors node..

  • yeah that's what i meant with "right part" - troubleshooting sounded best-suited for "noob-section" 😃
    if a mod is reading this please feeld free to move this thread to... where it fits best 😃
    I'm not sure what you mean with transforming my gate to be a MySensor node... (challenge for me means a lot of explaining to somebody out there, too)
    I found some specs for the gate receiver:
    alt text

    Would this help?

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    @narf I don't know which category suits your question best. I will leave it here for now. Decoding and encoding of 433 MHz messages is not straightforward. Give this article a try to determine if you are ready 😉
    The other option is to open up your hardware (the gate) and wire a MySensors Arduino to the circuit.. @dbemowsk has done something similar with his garage door

  • your link to "this article" seems to be broken?
    Opening the gate's hardware isn't really a option, BUT! there is the possibilty to give a open/close command via "potential free contact" (atleast my gate-guy says so 😶 ).
    there are 2 inputs, 1 for "open", 1 for "close". Would it be easier to control the gate with those contacts?

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    A potential free contact will do the trick. Just build a relay MySensors node and a little programming..( I included another link for 433mhz encoding /decoding )

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