Relay with finder and asc 712

  • Hello and good morning.
    I discovered by accident Mysensors and I immediately buff (Ancra are at an early stage). And I wanted to make home automation for home, but while maintaining current systems.

    At the time at home, in Italy, I have this situation. A relay that receives a pulse and turns on and off the light ..... Carry scheme:


    I would like to create something like that, in order to keep the system in case of failure Mysensors, but integrating home automation.

    to the scheme:


    As we see, idea is to use a ASC712 to see if there current flow and update the controller (DOMOTICZ)

    How do I communicate the change of state in Domoticz ??

    Can anyone help me ??

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    @sindrome73 - welcome!
    Try the getting started

    Exactly how the ASC712 works, I dont know but to answer your question "How do I communicate the change of state in Domoticz ??"
    You need just a regular switch 1/0 for MySensors and use the binary sketch ( or some other sketch sending On/off (Relay, Motion...). MySensors will send this to your gateway which your controller (Domoticz) listen to and updates the value.

  • Hello thanks for the tip, but I've already tried qusto and creates unexpected result.

    I left these sketches:

    If I understand, the logic is this: You press the button sull'arduino, the new state is sent with this line, the controller which updates their status.

    send (msg.set (were? false: true), true); // Send new state and request ack back

    Next comes this part sketch

    void receive (const MyMessage & message) {
      // We only expect one type of message from the controller. But we better check anyway.
      if (message.isAck ()) {
         Serial.println ( "This is an ack from gateway");

    if (message.type == V_LIGHT) {
         // Change state relay
         message.getBool state = ();
         digitalWrite (RELAY_PIN, are you? RELAY_ON: RELAY_OFF);
         // Store been in eeprom
         saveState (CHILD_ID, state);

    // Write some debugging info
         Serial.print ( "Incoming change for sensor:");
         Serial.print (message.sensor);
         Serial.print ( "New status");
         Serial.println (message.getBool ());

    And the output changes state.

    But if I do, we press an external switch, and change the status, and update the controller with this: send (msg.set (were? False: true), true);

    It falls into a loop ???

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    @sindrome73 - sorry i dont understand. What kind of error message do you get? Debug?
    Do you want to be able to send a command FROM domoticz to the node? I didnt answer that above but the other way around.

  • I beg your pardon, but my English is very bad.

    In the evening load my sketch, so it is more clear ......

    Thanks for your patience for now ......