Several networks working along side each other

  • Hi,

    I am very new to this, but I just bought a bunch of arduino's and want to setup two different networks that should not interfere with each other. How is this possible?

    I was thinking signing was the way to go, but does this require a lot of overhead when dealing with battery-driven sensors?

    Also, is there a way for MySensors to do some joining, but still encapsulate so the sensors does not interfere with each other?


    1. build sensor and deploy code (without considering which of your network of families network that it should join)
    2. pair with the network
    3. Enjoy the data flowing :)

    Best regards

  • Mod

    @Søren-Heide-Larsen different networks can be achieved by setting different channels / network ID.

    See here for NRF24 and here for RFM69.

    There is no pairing function in MySensors.

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