How use a sensor without a Gateway!!?

  • Hi, i followed the power meter pulse sensor project (Arduino mini pro 3.3v 8MHz), add a LM393 photo sensor and NRF24L01 Radio module, on the other end i have a RFLink USB Gateway connected to a Raspbarry running Domoticz.
    In this way i Dont have a real MY Sensor Gateway, RFlink can manage my sensor protocol only in RX, it cannot talk with the my sensor node!!!
    So, ho can i modify my sketch and/or myconfig.h in order to send data without a registration process and so on..

    Thanks a lot guy!!

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    @Marcoblacks To my knowledge, there is no way to use MySensors without actually using MySensors.

    Maybe you should go with a vanilla radio library and not use MySensors at all?

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    Why don't get another nrf24 radio, connect it to raspberry, compile mysensors gateway on raspberry and add it to Domoticz? I think it is much easier than what you proposed and I can assure it works

  • Or use a usb my sensor gateway connected via usb to my Raspberry/Domoticz.... and bypassing the Rflink usb gateway....

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    I was saving you to buy another Arduino that's not strictly necessary

  • @gohan Yeah!
    Good idea!! But i will think about that, on the Raspy/domoticz is running also my security alarm.... probably a separation from other RF stuff ciuld be more 'clean', but i will try... in case i would use another arduino, how can i connect the new MyS GW to the Raspy/Domoticz? Via Usb?

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    Via USB using serial gateway sketch. Keep in mind that using mysensors gateway on raspberry is not a big issue.

  • @Marcoblacks
    You write: "RFlink can manage my sensor protocol only in RX, it cannot talk with the my sensor node!!!"

    I think you do not need receive information from gateway every time.
    In registration process when you use fixed NodeID and do not use ACK, you only send info to GW.
    Photo sensor only sends data to GW too.
    Problem with power meter, when you retrieve old number of pulses from controller, but Domoticz has option "Energy read"
    ( computed x from device ) - maybe it helps. I not try that.

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