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    A bridge between the (Philips) HUE bridge and the MySensors network. Have MySensors controlled by HUE and add MySensors lights to the HUE system

    A while ago a did a major investment 🙂 in a HUE (Philips) hub and some peripherals. This system works with Zigbee protocol and is not compatible with MySensors. I like the way HUE handles colors (xy space, hvs and color temp) and the dimmer switches which are "harvesting" the energy i.s.o. using a battery.

    The API for the HUE system is made public available and is rather well documented. There are a few controllers which support the API but this is a fun project and exercise for working with the ESP8266 and color handling/ conversion.

    What is needed:

    • an ESP8266 board (NodeMCU / WeMos)
    • a HUE bridge (and possibly some lights/ switches)
    • a MySensor system and controller (best one which can connect multiple gateways)

    a few libaries:

    • ArduinoJson (for exchanging information with the Hue bridge)
    • FastLED (just because It is great 😉 and contains some many color manipulation routines)
    • The library and sketches in my Github - AWI_MySensors_HUE

    In the main sketch you need to change the IP's of your controller and Hue bridge and other settings for your Hue bridge.

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