Load cell Impact problem

  • Hi,
    I am designing an integrated Chair leg with a Weight sensor, The sensor I choose is capable to measure weight up to 150KG that is fine for my purpose, but the impact force can be more then 1 Ton in some cases when a person sit very quickly or jump on the chair. How can I solve this problem? maybe use a different type of sensor?

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    @yaron it depends if the sensor is gonna break or not, because if it is just a measuring problem you can filter out the spikes with code

  • @gohan The problem is a that I am afraid of breaking, as far as I know the sensors max force before it will damage is usually 150% of the max measuring force.

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    It's all a matter of finding the right specs, just as for any other type of sensor. On your specific case I personally have no idea, I never looked into those sensors

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