Load cell Impact problem

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    I am designing an integrated Chair leg with a Weight sensor, The sensor I choose is capable to measure weight up to 150KG that is fine for my purpose, but the impact force can be more then 1 Ton in some cases when a person sit very quickly or jump on the chair. How can I solve this problem? maybe use a different type of sensor?

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    @yaron it depends if the sensor is gonna break or not, because if it is just a measuring problem you can filter out the spikes with code

  • @gohan The problem is a that I am afraid of breaking, as far as I know the sensors max force before it will damage is usually 150% of the max measuring force.

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    It's all a matter of finding the right specs, just as for any other type of sensor. On your specific case I personally have no idea, I never looked into those sensors

  • Since your maximum load is over a ton, then it is advisable to get a load cell with that capacity range. You can then program your application to read any weight value over 150kg up to the load cells rated output as overload.
    Therefore, in a way you get to measure exactly within the range of 0kg (or depending on the offset weight) to a maximum of 150kg. Load cells with the capacity of over a ton are probably costly, but you can better improve your design to prevent such sudden force from being exerted on the chair. Maybe by incorporating a spring coupled with the load cell into your design.

  • Can you not install something like soft close brackets (either around or in middle of sensor) This would take up the initial impact and then will have little influence on the measurement which you can then adjust in code? I know few bullet types are available on hardware stores which you can simply drill and push around your sensor. At least 3 will ensure that you can cover your sensor from every side.

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    Design the chair leg, so that something else is supporting the leg/chair, when the weight is above 200kg. (on my phone at the moment, so can't make a drawing atm)

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